Saturday, July 10, 2010

Back to Writing

I have been away from this blog a while and it's because I have been away from the book for a while.

I work as a writer in my day job, so while I experience the enjoyment of putting words to paper every day, I don't always have the energy to write my novel when I get home from work. Today is different. I found myself with some available free time -- my wife is out with friends -- and able to strike at the many thoughts I've had about additions I want to make.

The primary, or maybe the first, storyline has been written for many weeks. After some editing, I came up with the idea to add another plot line to intertwine with the primary story. And it seems I've come up with a lot of good ideas at work. It's almost like a daydream of sorts. If I'm getting a cup of coffee or drink of water, all of the sudden my mind shifts to the book.

Today I was able to get it started, essentially getting the storyline set up. It feels good to finally get back in the saddle and the good news is I've been able to retain most of those ideas in spite of everything else on my mind at the moment.

I'm enjoying those moments of creativity.

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