Saturday, December 17, 2011

Still here...

This blog hasn't been updated in a really, really, really long time. So here are some thoughts as we approach Christmas:
  • I seem to be more interested in baseball in the off season. Now that winter is approaching, it seems spring already is tugging at me. I find myself watching old World Series films and following free-agent chatter. And my team, the White Sox, is likely will be rebuilding next year. I suppose it is the hope of something great on the horizon. It is hope that draws us to Opening Day each year: the hope of a new start, the hope of October glory.
  • The prospect of working on my novel also should be attractive, but alas remains elusive. The ideas and potential for the story continue to dance in my head. The challenge is finding inspiration outside the workday. It's not a question of motivation, it's a question of exhaustion. It's a matter of putting it into my schedule as a daily priority. Some day I'll figure it out instead of feeling the pull of finishing it and hoping it will happen.
  • I think the answer may be to consider writing my novel as work, as part of my job, instead of just a fun side project. If I give myself a deadline, maybe I can finish it in a reasonable time. I need to push myself, kind of like the authors who won National Novel Writing Month.
I'll be back soon, hopefully on a regular basis, with a schedule and maybe some progress to report.

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